Sebastian O. Schneider

Senior Research Fellow

Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods


I am a senior research fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Research on Collective Goods. My research interests are behavioral and experimental economics as well as development economics, with a focus on field or lab-in-the-field experiments.

Most of my work has considered decision making, in particular decision under risk and uncertainty.


  • Behavioral and Experimental Economics
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Statistics & Econometrics


  • PhD in (Behavioral Development) Economics, 2017

    University of Goettingen

  • MSc in Mathematics in Business and Economics, 2014

    University of Mannheim

  • BSc in Mathematics in Business and Economics, 2011

    University of Mannheim

Working Paper

(Higher Order) Risk Preferences: Experimental Measures, Determinants and Related Field Behavior

Higher order risk preferences are well-klown for their relation with precautionary saving or portfolio allocation. Theoretically, they …

A New Approach to Treatment Assignment for One and Multiple Treatment Groups

We present a new approach to treatment assignment in (field) experiments for the case of one or multiple treatment groups. This …

Self-Selection and Treatment Assignment in Field Experiments

Self-selection and unbalanced treatment assignment are two major concerns in experimental evaluations as they compromise the validity …

Income Risk, Precautionary Saving, and Loss Aversion – An Empirical Test

This paper empirically examines Kőszegi and Rabin’s (2009) hypothesis that uncertainty about future income triggers …

Measuring Utility – An Application to Higher Order Risk and Saving in Bogota

Measuring utility is at the heart of microeconomics and has important applications in many areas of economics. Here we present a new …


Software for Min MSE Treatment Assignment

Software for the Min MSE Approach to Treatment Assignment for One And Multiple Treatment Groups (R package, Stata ado-package) as …